Student Opportunities 

Mercer County Science & Engineering Fair

Scheduled for March 2020. Information about specific dates can be found at https://mercersec.org/.

Sea Air & Land Challenge

The Sea Air and Land Challenge is a non-profit STEM robotics program for high school-aged students. Nicknamed the SeAL Challenge, the semester-long program introduces students to the engineering process through the use of robotics. Teams of 3-10 students design and build robotic systems to compete in the challenge of their choice – Sea, Air or Land – which mimic missions encountered by the military and first responders. As the name implies, students may build submersibles for the Sea Challenge, drones for the Air Challenge or land rovers for the Land Challenge. The SeAL Challenge can be presented to the students as a club or after-school activity, as an engineering course, or as part of the curriculum within a math, science or technology course.  

This program, now in its eighth year, is free to students and school districts. There is no fee for registration, the curriculum or the program material. However, each team is responsible for securing their own funding for their robotic system, a maximum of $500 per team, as part of the challenge. 

All Challenges have been met with great enthusiasm and success and 94% of the students said this program improved their understanding of the engineering process and 100% of the teachers said they would like to participate again next year. Additionally, the students had a chance to grow their confidence and their soft skills, such as communication, leadership and team work.    

There are eleven regions open this spring in PA, OH, NY, VA and FL. If you are interested in participating or would like to start your own region, check out the website at https://seaairland.psu.edu/.

Cornell University Summer College Programs

For more information visit the website https://sce.cornell.edu/precollege. Deadline to register is May 1, 2020.

Rutgers Quarknet Summer Program

Scheduled for June 29-July 10, 2020. Free of charge. Email steves@physics.rutgers.edu.

Geothermal Design Challenge 2020

Deadline is March 30, 2020. To find out more information, please visit https://inl.gov/geothermalchallenge/.

Engineering in Health and Medicine Summer Camp 

Scheduled July 19-24, 2020 at TCNJ. For more information go to this website: https://bmesummercamp.tcnj.edu/

Robotics Summer Camp 

Scheduled July 12-17, 2020 at TCNJ. For more information visit this website: https://kims.pages.tcnj.edu/summer-robotics-camp/