Professional Development

Throughout the course of the year, science teachers are constantly attending various workshops and conferences. The knowledge they gain from these opportunities is brought back to the classroom to enhance the students' learning. Here are a few examples of professional development opportunities that the teachers participated in over the summer:

  • Mr. Johnson presented with Mr. Guise at the annual International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) on creating "Escape Rooms" for classroom use. He also presented at Rider University's Gifted Education, Creativity, and STEM Symposium on EdTech Resources and Target Learning. Check out the podcast gotteched.com for samples of his work.
  • Ms. Caruso-Gilbert attended the AP Physics 1 training this summer. She also participated in a workshop called "Physics for the Next Generation: Patterns Approach".
  • Mr. Manning taught a class on poisonous plants which was a collaborative effort between Mount Cuba Botanical Gardens and the Museum of Natural History. He also led various poisonous plant walks in the Mercer County area.