Bus Behavior

  • Students should take their seats and remain there until it is time to leave the bus.
  • Students who are assigned to buses equipped with seat belts are required to wear them.
  • Students must sit on the seat facing the front of the bus. Sitting on books or other objects is not permitted.
  • Musical instruments, or other student equipment, may not be carried on the school bus unless the student can carry the object safely on his/her lap.
  • Drinking and smoking are not permitted.
  • Defacing or otherwise damaging the bus is not permitted. Charges will be made for any damages.
  • No litter is to be left aboard the bus.
  • Talking must be in conversational tones without vulgar language or gestures either to the driver, passengers, or passersby. Unnecessary conversation with the driver when the bus is in motion is prohibited.
  • Bus drivers have the right to assign seats and grant permission to open windows. Students must not extend hands, arms or heads through the bus windows. Throwing anything within the bus or out of the windows is not allowed.
  • Animals may not be brought aboard the school bus.
  • We consider transporting students to and from school to be a privilege. Violations of any of the above on the bus or at the bus stop may result in the revocation of the transportation privilege.

*The Board may use videotaping to monitor student buses.