Dear HVRSD Community:

Thank you once more for your attention and feedback as we move forward with the superintendent search process.  The Search Committee and Board continue to move forward according to the timeline that we had established.   

As a reminder, we encourage interested parties to reach out to the Board with any particular concerns. You may do so via the public comment sessions offered at all meetings of the Board, through direct communication with your liaison, or via the Board’s email address:

The Board will hold a Special Meeting this evening, June 14 at 5pm.  All Zoom links and all other pertinent meeting information may be found on the HVRSD website; please scroll down to the “Events” section and click on “June 14” for the details.  

This past week, the Superintendent Search Committee entered Phase III of our process and have begun to hold candidate interviews.  In the interest of maintaining the confidentiality of applicants, we will not be sharing any specific information regarding this phase of the process.  

As mentioned in our last communication, we are providing a brief summary of the community survey results for your review.  

Results of the Superintendent Search Community Survey

The Hopewell Valley Regional School District is supported by an actively engaged community. As the HVRSD Board of Education launched into Phase II of the Superintendent search, we went straight to the members of this community - staff, students, parents, and citizens of the Hopewell Valley - to gather information on the most important qualities a new leader of our district should possess. This inquiry process was a successful one, which yielded over 900 survey responses and produced considerable feedback through public sessions, emails, staff focus groups, phone calls, interviews, and other conversations.  The output of all was profound and clear.

Again, thank you to all who participated. You made a tremendous contribution to what might be viewed as a challenging process.  Along with our thanks, the Board felt it was important to share the results of this feedback with our community members.  To that end, here is a brief summary of the Community Survey, as well as general themes noted through feedback collected in this manner and through other means.  

  • Though priority order may be different, the top ten characteristics and qualities of a superintendent are viewed similarly by parents, students, and staff.
  • It has been a trying year for our community and students.  As the district plans for a return in the fall, respondents shared a desire for continuity, and cautioned against the impulse to “shake things up”
  • Our community is generally aligned with the direction in which the school district is headed; preserve what is working in the district
  • There should be a continued focus on district equity, inclusion, and diversity work.
  • The need for increased mental health support for students and staff should not be overlooked.

We welcome you to review the Summary of the Community Survey

Thank you again for your interest and support.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Deborah Linthorst, Board President
Anita Williams Galiano, Chair, Superintendent Search Committee
Andrea Driver and Jenny Long, Search Committee Members