After reviewing the weather forecast with our district health officials, we have made the following adjustment to our mask policy:

Effective immediately, when there is extreme heat, masks are optional for students and staff when outside during the school day.  Extreme heat is defined as an outside temperature or heat index above 80 degrees. Information about the National Weather Service Heat Index is available online. Students are required to maintain social distancing when masks are removed outside. 

The following guidelines are still in place:

  • As per Gov. Murphy's Executive Order 175, masks are still required indoors during school hours and outdoors during school hours when the heat index is below 80.

  • Students and adults will continue to wear a mask at arrival and dismissal.

  • Students will also continue to wear a mask on the bus. 

Please note: It remains critically important for students to remain home if anyone in their household or other close contacts (friends, coworkers) are experiencing symptoms or waiting on test results.  We hope to end this school year with as few cases as possible. 

As conditions continue to improve and State regulations change, we will provide additional updates as necessary.