This afternoon, we were informed that one student at Central High School has tested positive for COVID-19.  The student was last in school on May 17. School based contact tracing is complete and the spaces in which the student was present are being deep cleaned.

PLEASE NOTE:  As the weather improves, please maintain a “common sense” approach to dealing with COVID as we work to navigate the remainder of the school year.

Please help protect all of us by monitoring your family members for symptoms and following the guidelines below. Staff and students should not attend school if:

  • They have tested positive (viral test) for COVID-19. 

  • They are awaiting test results (even if there has been a negative rapid test). 

  • Someone in your household is being tested for COVID-19 due to illness or has COVID-like symptoms (they may return if test results are negative).

  • They are exhibiting any COVID-19 compatible symptoms 

  • Close contact has occurred with a person with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. 

  • Potential exposure to a person with COVID-19 has occurred

  • They have traveled to an area with high levels of COVID-19 transmission in the past 14 days.

We appreciate your support and cooperation. You can assist us by adhering to the guidelines above.