Option 2 Information

While full details pertaining to Option II programming can be found in the HVCHS Option II Application, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed, please contact your counselor directly.

  • What is Option II?

    • Option II allows students to obtain credit for learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom environment, which meet or exceed the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and are based on student interest or career goals. Students may elect to apply for HVCHS credit and/or advancement of a course level through distance learning, college coursework or coursework taken outside of HVCHS.  All Option II courses must be approved ahead of time.

  • What is the process and timeline for Option II approval?

    • All students who plan on pursuing course work for HVCHS credit outside the parameters of the normal HVCHS curriculum must submit the Option II Application to their school counselor by the following deadlines:

      • May 16th - Summer coursework

      • May 16th - Semester 1 & year-long coursework

      • November 30th - Semester 2 coursework

  • What are the requirements for passing Option II?

    • Students who have taken Option II course work for HVCHS credit will have a Pass/Fail grade recorded on their transcript. A final assessment prepared by the HVCHS staff will be required if the student has applied to take an alternative credit experience with the expectation to advance a course level upon return to the regular HVCHS curriculum. The department supervisor will use the assessment to determine whether or not the student has been properly prepared to succeed in the next level of the HVCHS curriculum.

  • How are grades determined and represented on transcripts?

    • A student’s transcript will show either Pass or Fail for each Option 2 experience, and it will have no impact on their GPA. If the outside course work is taken at an institution which provides a transcript, the student may choose to have the outside record attached to their HVCHS transcript after consulting with their school counselor.

  • How is honors placement determined following an Option 2 experience?

    • Honors placement the following year will be determined by performance on the final assessment prepared by HVCHS staff, and based on the prerequisites listed in the Program of Studies. 

  • What material is available from HVRSD for studying/navigating an Option II course?

    • Students may request textbooks from the department supervisor (with deposit) available upon the conclusion of the school year, as well as a course outline to help students review for the final assessment. 

  • Where can I take an Option II class? What platforms and organizations have students used in the past?

    • A list of all pre-approved math courses can be found here. In order to be approved, courses must be from an accredited institution and/or be monitored by a certified staff member. The institutional accreditation must be from a United States Department of Education recognized national, regional, specialized, and/or professional accrediting organization. The coursework must be approved by the principal in conjunction with the Principal’s Option II Review Committee, or be certified by the principal under 6A:8-


Please reach out to your School Counselor with any further questions!