Summer Assignments

All AP and Honors assignments are required and are due on the first day of school, unless it is specifically noted by your teacher. Teachers will review the scoring requirements once students return to school in September. Regular level assignments are recommended, but not required for completion (The exception is the "One School, One Book" assignment for English). 

English - Mr. David Sherwin, English Supervisor (
Please remember that the "One School, One Book" summer reading assignment is for all students taking regular level and honors classes.
Mathematics - Dr. Vicky Pilitsis, supervisor (
ScienceDr. Vicky Pilitsis, supervisor (
Social Studies- Mr. Darren Lewan, supervisor (
Honors World, Honors US I, Honors US II Summer Assignments 2019-20  (Please note: you must be logged into your school email account to access the website)
(Also - Honors US I students only - look over the DC trip information and submit it ASAP as it is first come, first serve)
Visual and Performing Arts - Mr. Ron Heller, supervisor (
World LanguagesMs. Lois Baldwin, supervisor (