Hopewell Valley Central High School

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The Counseling Services Office publishes a monthly scholarship newsletter, detailing national and regional scholarships. You can view the list in the PDF down below

**Class of 2018 Local Scholarships**

**Please read all instructions before beginning**

Application and supplements ( including recommendation letters) must be submitted by the application deadline of MARCH 15 at 3pm

(There are NO exceptions to the deadline)

Instructions for Online Application

  1. Students must be logged into their school google account to view the application.  The preferred web browser for filling out the application is Chrome.
  2. Fill out the Local Scholarship Application by clicking here on the following link. YOU MUST CLICK SUBMIT to ‘save’ and/or submit your application
  3. You may edit your application  by following the Local Scholarships Application link and choosing the ’Edit your response’ link  until MARCH 15 at 3PM.
  4. YOU MUST SELECT ‘Send me a copy of my responses” found at the end of the application.  If we have a problem viewing your application we will request that you print the emailed copy of your responses, so it important for you to do this step.

Instructions for Supplements

  1. Required supplements are noted within the description of the scholarship on the goggle application form. Not all scholarships require a supplement.
  2. All supplements can be accessed down below.
  3. Click on each supplement link you are applying to.
  4. Follow the instructions for each supplement
  5. Include your name AND the name of the scholarship on EACH page of the supplement.
  6. EACH supplement must be a separate document
  7. PRINT completed individual supplements and hand in as separate supplemental packets to Mrs. Hastings in the Counseling Office by MARCH 15 at 3PM.
  8. Letters of recommendations must be submitted by the application deadline.  Please be sure to give the recommender enough notice to write the recommendation letter. You should also follow up with person providing letters of recommendation to make sure they are submitted on time.  If teachers are handing in a recommendation letter directly to the Counseling office, make sure they are aware of the deadline of  MARCH 15 at 3PM. We will NOT take any part of the supplements, including recommendation letters past the deadline.

Contact Mrs. Hastings at jenniferhastings@hvrsd.org or stop by Counseling Services for additional information and help.
Below are the supplements for the Local Scholarships that require them.