New Location for Main Office - 300 Hallway

There has been much progress by the construction crews on the referendum project at the high school. Steel beams and concrete slabs have been installed, and they are working on renovating the 300 hallway restrooms at this time. Construction will soon begin on the current main office space. As a result, the main office location will be relocated during the weekend of February 19, which is our District’s Presidents’ Day/Mid-winter break.

The main office (including our attendance secretary, Vice Principals’ office and secretaries, and Principal’s office and secretary) will be temporarily located at the end of the 300 hallway.  

  • Any student who arrives late to school should report to the 300 hall office to sign in. This applies to seniors who arrive after session 1 who need to sign in after senior option.​
  • Any parent/guardian who wishes to sign out their child or drop off items should go to the temporary office space in the 300 hallway.
  • Parents/guardians entering the building should park in the visitor spots in the Solar Lot to access the temporary office space and to sign in for a visitor’s pass. There will be a doorbell and buzzer to enter the building. 
  • The in-school discipline room will also be moved to the 300 hallway.

Guests will no longer have the option of ‘buzzing in’ to enter the building through that old main office door.

Students will be able to use their student ID cards to enter the building during the school day through the PAC lobby entrance or through the 300 hallway main office entrance.