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Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey caused severe damage in Houston. As a school district, we will be adopting a high school, middle school and four elementary schools in Houston. Northside High School still has families who continue to live in shelters and although they should have started school in August, they will open their doors to students on September 18. This school will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner because of the significant need. Principal Alcantar-Martinez has told the students, "Above all else, this year will require us to be patient and flexible as many things will change and we must be ready to go with the change. Announcements will come out often and we will need your involvement to make this year great! Our school is only as good as we make it together, so let's decide that we WILL make 2018 the best!"

At this time, Northside is asking for metro transportation cards. Over 1 million cars were totaled due to the flood and they thought it would be great for us to provide metro cards for students to be able to use the buses or trains to get to school, home and work. This could make a huge impact to the students and community.

The Las Americas School, a middle school, which serves, exclusively, refugees and immigrants from around the world. Their student body is made up of 32 countries and 29 different languages and all students have been in this country less than 2 years. Their needs are great and varied.

As CHS, we will be setting up collection buckets throughout the school. Every little bit helps. Consider how fortunate we are and please help ease the burden of the Northside students and their families.