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Course Selection

Course Selection

Course selection for the 2017-2018 academic year begins February 22, 2017 and ends February 28, 2017.
Each year at the start of the second semester, students in grades 8-11 use OnCourse Connect to request high school courses to be taken in the upcoming school year. Placement in academic courses are subject to teacher and administrative advance approval (recommendation) based on a student successfully earning prerequisite grades in all required prerequisite courses.
The steps in the course selection process are as follows:
  1. Teachers enter academic courses for which students are eligible.
  2. Students enter requests for elective courses and must enter a minimum of three (3) alternate elective choices.
  3. Counselors will make appointments with all students to discuss an overall program plan; appropriate modifications to course requests for the upcoming school year are made.
  4. Final administrative approval for course placements is determined based on student performance in courses at the end of the third quarter. Students are always informed individually about any changes in placement.
  • If you decide to change an elective request AFTER meeting with your counselor, you must contact your counselor to make the change; do NOT make the change through OnCourse Connect.
  • Student requests for changes in electives will not be accepted after April 28, 2017.

Ready to Select Your Electives?

STEP 1: Watch this Video:
STEP 2: View the course descriptions and prerequisites for all classes:

Class of 2021 CHS Program Planning:

Course Appeals

The window for course appeals opens April 17, 2017 and closes June 2, 2017.